Athletes Can Have The Same Injuries I Do?

Total Rehab friends,

I just wanted to bring a new article to light that I recently read. The article is about the results of back MRIs on 100 of the 11,000+ athletes who participated in the Summer 2016 Olympics in Rio de Janeiro.  The article states that over the course of the Olympics, roughly 8% of the athletes reported injuries, which is the lowest rate over the past 10 years.

In this study, they found 52 out of the 100 athletes scanned had spinal pathology noted in their MRI (52%). Positive pathology consisted of: moderate/ severe disc degeneration, moderate/severe spinal canal and/or neural foraminal narrowing, muscle injury, ligamentous injury, spondylolysis, vertebral fracture or pars interarticularis.

Ironically enough, these are pathologies WE SEE EVERY DAY in Physical therapy! DO NOT let people make you feel like “degenerative changes”, “degenerative disc disease” or “narrowing of the spinal canal” are debilitating!!! These athletes are representing their country on the world platform!

I just had to share this for our followers that need this motivation to take the next step- education is power. Find the full link below. Also, find a great picture to summarize why MRIs and their results may be misleading. Let PT help you find the correct diagnosis and treat accordingly.

Teaching you today what you need to know tomorrow!


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